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Trinity Wellness exists to help as many people as possible take their next step toward becoming the best version of themselves.  

We are a community connected resource to guide each person on their unique path to better health in spirit, mind, and body.

Wherever you are in your life and your health right now, you are searching for more and for better.  At Trinity Wellness, we are all on a path to becoming a better version of ourselves.  When we show up better in the world, we can step into our true potential.  As we give our spirit, mind, and body space to heal, our relationships will strengthen, and we will be able to better serve those around us. Our lives will begin to flourish, our vision will ignite, 

and our life purpose will become clear.  

We offer sound and light services in the form of vibroacoustic therapy, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies for brain entrainment, far infrared ionic crystal technology, and LED light therapy.


We currently offer the Zion mat and the Cocoon Experience.  


What is a Zion mat?

When you lay on a Zion Mat, your stress will begin to melt away, and you’ll go on a mini vacation.  At the end of your mat session, you may feel calmer, more peaceful, more energized, and rejuvenated.  The more you allow yourself to let go, the more goodness you’ll be able to take in.

What is the Cocoon Experience?


The Cocoon Experience allows you to reap the synergistic benefits combining LED light, music, and frequency, which invites the nervous system to participate in an involuntary deep meditative journey.  Stress melts away, and you’ll be left with a deeply energetic rejuvenation.


Sound & Light Therapy

Go on a mini vacation with an FDA approved medical device proven to decrease pain, inflammation, increase circulation, and help reprogram your body in a
positive way!

Community Connection

Enjoy connection with others, relax while listening to the soothing fountain, and enjoy the lending library of personal growth books.

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