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Katie believes that every experience in our lives set us up to be in this exact moment.  Katie has lived in all four corners of the country! She grew up in Washington state, moved to Pennsylvania when she was in middle school, lived in southern Florida for a year, went back to Pennsylvania for a few years, and now she lives in southern Utah with her sweet husband and three energetic, loving boys.

St. George is the city of light, and Katie knows she was brought here in 2020 to experience healing in all ways. She’s been chronically unwell for 20 years and on an intentional path to restore her health for 10 years after losing her mom to pancreatic cancer in 2011. Over the years Katie has tried 52 (and counting) different holistic healing modalities.

In December 2020 Katie was in a car accident, and some health challenges were reactivated, leading her to discover sound and light therapy.  When she first learned about it, she knew she had to try it and the more she learned, she knew others needed to have the opportunity to experience it.

Two of Katie’s gifts are teaching and connecting people.  In her professional career she’s been a teacher and a health coach, and her own healing journey has led her to realize her passion for wellness. Katie believes wellness encompasses the spirit and mind in addition to the physical body.

Katie says, “Trinity Wellness is not about any one person, but it’s about serving the community.  It’s a place where people can get connected to resources, whether it’s a person, a business, a healthy product or new information.”

Katie is overflowing with excitement to serve her local community and to now have a vehicle to help people take their next step in their own journey to better health.

Katie Mitchell


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