Class Descriptions

Sound Bath

This is our most popular class and a beautiful type of sound healing.  Come bathe your nerves in the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls as anxiety, stress, and tension melt into a calm, healing, relaxation.  We have regular 30 minute sound baths, couples sound baths, and full moon 90 minute sound baths with guided meditation.

Unity Community Meditation

Join us in an all welcome meditation event. Show up as you are and leave feeling better. In our unity community meditation class we will implement the ancient tradition of practicing the quieting of our thinking mind so we can learn to hear, then listen to our own inner wisdom. In this class you will discover meditation techniques, attitudes, and purposes.  Whether you’re brand new to meditation and don’t know where to start or it’s already a daily practice for you, you will find your place here. Come find yourself as we join together with our community to clarify our personal intentions and increase our spiritual wellness.

Best Friend Treasure Map

Seeking your match. Did you know your brain attracts you to someone based on a subconscious template?
If you have been clearing your crap but still looking for a long-term relationship or maybe you just want ot return that spark you had when you first got married, come to the “BEST FRIEND TREASURE MAP” class to find out how.
Our brains create a template for people to whom we are attracted to.  Learn how to pull this template out of your subconscious and switch to to work in your favor. Works if you are seeking a best friend to marry or if you are looking to repair or uplevel an existing intimate relationship.  If you ever thought, “How do I find my person?” or “How does it get better?”, discover the how.  

Manually Raising Your Frequency

Practices based in psychology, neuroscience, and music show you have the SUPERHUMAN ability to rejuvenate when you have healthy vagus nerve tone or vagal tone, or in other words a “high vibrational frequency.”  In this class you’ll learn how to tone your vagal nerve and manually raise your frequency using specific sounds, directing vibrational breath work, and crystal singing bowl entrainment.  From the top of your head to the base of your spine, we hope you learn how to live on your own cloud nine as you use what you have to love yourself better.

Emotional Resilience Express Workshop

Learn how to navigate the often complex and overwhelming world of emotions, as you learn to chill out, feel it to heal it, and transform your emotional state into an overall sense of wellbeing. You will learn techniques for healing from mental meltdowns, turning depression into joy, and how to enhance your emotional awareness. Get a handle on your life and start feeling hopeful again. 

FREE Self Care Support Group for Women

This is a very informal, organic gathering for women to have a safe space to feel seen and heard regarding whatever they’d like to share about where they are on their self care journey.  We do our best to create an environment that is free of judgement and where women feel loving space is being held for them.  Men’s group coming soon! 

Man Cave

This is a time for men who are seeking connection with other men to come together.  This group is informal, organically led, and it will meet once per month.  Come when you can!

Our Calendar

You can book right from the links inside the calendar below.  Click on the event name to see the full description.

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Policies and Helpful Information

We offer a variety of classes, events, and workshops.  Anything you see on our calendar is open to the community.  For each event, pre-registration is strongly encouraged for a number of reasons.  Although we have a large, beautiful space, there is limited seating depending what type of event it is.  For example, our sound baths require each person to be laying on a yoga mat, which means less participants.  We want to ensure everyone is comfortable and that we arrange the room properly, so we ask for pre-registration.  We understand things come up last minute or that you may realize you can attend something at the last minute, and if there are open spots, you will be welcomed to join in.  You may just show up to an event, but you’ll be asked to wait while we check everyone in who has registered.  If at that point there are available spots, you can have one!  It’s also easier if you pre-register to take care of payment so you don’t need to worry about it when you arrive.  It helps us get everyone settled in and be able to start the class on time if we aren’t taking payments when everyone arrives.  
If there is a cost for an event, it will be listed.  Some events are FREE, and some are donation based.  We want to have a variety of options to offer people.  
If you haven’t been to Trinity Wellness for a service or an event, you’ll need to sign a waiver.  If you can create your profile online or on our app and do that ahead of time, that is preferred.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these suggestions.  We hope you find your place here and are able to experience much value for yourself as well as enjoy your time and be able to relax and recharge!

Want to rent our event space?

Our event space, called The Treehouse, is available to rent on an availability basis and if what is being offered is in alignment with what we stand for as a wellness center.  If you’re interested in renting the space, place fill out an application, and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.  Your event may be private, or you may choose to have us put it on our calendar to be open to the community.
Fill out an application.  

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