Frequently Asked Questions

A Zion mat session typically lasts 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  A Cocoon Experience is usually 22 minutes, but we have 11 and 33 minute options as well.  We also have a 66 minute vibroacoustic session.

Yes!  People of any age can experience the benefits of sound and light therapy.  If a person under the age of 18 wants to have a session, the parent will need to sign the waiver on behalf of the child.

During your first visit you can expect to be greeted very warmly and personally.  Plan for about an hour, and that will include your sound and light session.  We’ll do an intake, gathering some basic health history for you.  We will also get to know you a bit and then will explain a little about each of our sound and light therapy options.  You can choose what you’d like to do.  Please come in clean, comfortable clothing.  To respect others, we ask that you don’t come directly from the gym or covered in sweat or oils.  You’ll be most comfortable if you remove your shoes.  You’ll lay on the sound and light bed fully dressed, and we will go through your choices of music and guide you in everything else.  The main thing is to do your best not to have expectations except to be relaxed.  We hope you feel peace and love when you walk through the doors.

Just come in clean, comfortable clothing, and if it’s your first session, do your best to have no expectations except to relax!

You don’t need to bring anything, but it is helpful to have water with you.

You may call or text the business number:  (435) 287-4349.  We have recently moved to a private location and will give the address out upon booking.  At this time, we are unable to accommodate same day appointments – they must be scheduled ahead of time.  We do our best to be flexible to meet your needs!

If you’ve had an organ transplant, you should not lay on the infrared light mats.  They will increase immune system function, which could tell your body to attack the new organ.  You may able to do vibroacoustic therapy.   If you have an external pacemaker, you should not lay on the mats.   With the BrainTap headset, there are flashing lights, which have been known to cause problems in people who suffer from serious medical conditions like epilepsy, seizure disorders, brain injury, or photosensitivity.  However, you can still enjoy other sound and light options without the BrainTap headset.  The bottom line is if you have any health concerns, it’s always best to check with your care provider before starting anything new, even this holistic therapy.

You can expect to feel grounded grounded and extremely relaxed!  You’ll most likely feel a sense of calm or peace, and you can expect to sleep well that night!

It’s ideal to dress in clean, comfortable clothing.  In order to respect each guest, we ask that you do not come straight from the gym or from an activity where you would be sweaty.  If you just had a massage, please just make sure you don’t have a lot of oil on you so as to protect the mats.  Otherwise, there is no specific dress for your session.  

We don’t have any formal rules, but we do ask for all guests to be respected by keeping overall noise level down and respecting the space.

These days it’s necessary to protect oneself legally.  In the world of wellness, we must be cautious about claiming to treat or to heal anyone.  We are not doing that – we are providing a space and resources for you to do what you need to do on your wellness journey.  The mats haven’t harmed anyone, only benefitted.  However, you never know what could be claimed these days, and we need to protect ourselves legally, making sure you understand you are taking responsibility for your own health.  Thank you for understanding!

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