Are you...

worn down?
getting sick often?
in pain?
having inflammation?
not sleeping well?
recovering from injury?
needing to recharge?
not feeling yourself?

We can help you!

We put people on the fast track to healing.

We offer a variety of ways to serve the local community.  Whether you come in to enjoy a sound and light therapy session or attend a sound bath with a friend, you’ll find peace here.

We offer a variety of options to experience this.  Please go here to learn more about what a Zion Mat is  or here to learn more about the Cocoon Experience and how these modalities can help you feel better than you do now.  Discover how it can amplify what you may already be doing to experience better health.  We have pricing options to meet every budget. You can book sessions online or on our app.

Throughout the month we will offer events to the community.  Some events will be exclusive for our members, but most events will be open to anyone who wants to attend.  Check out our monthly calendar to find our current offerings.  Things you can get excited about that we will host:  one hour financial workshops, one hour emotional resilience workshops, regular sound baths, full workshops for those who own a Zion Mat, and many different types of classes offered by local wellness professionals.

We offer brands and products in our retail space that are top quality, made with clean ingredients, and are researched.  Many of the brands we offer aren’t sold anywhere else in southern Utah.  You can be sure everything Trinity Wellness sells is the best of the best!

Some of the brands we carry:



EZ Safer Surface

Poppy & Pout

Groupie Love

Zeeta Body

Relax, enjoy some fresh water, partake in meaningful conversation, or read a few pages of a book that could change your life.  This is an area inside Trinity Wellness where you can connect with other people and information to help you on your path to better health.  You may meet someone who happens to be enjoying our services, you can connect with resources to assist you in your journey by reading materials or picking up a brochure/business card from other wellness professionals in the local area, or you may pick up a personal growth book from the lending library.  We don’t believe in accidental happenings or coincidences but in purposeful and intentional meetings or discovery of information.  Trinity Wellness offers a means for these things to happen!

DISCLAIMER:  For all holistic wellness services, classes, and events offered, Trinity Wellness makes no claims, promises or guarantees. Each person seeks these services of their own free will. We do not diagnose, prescribe medication, or perform medical treatment. Clients should not discontinue treatment or medications advised by their physicians. We may not be held liable for any claims of injury or harm, mental, emotional, or physical.

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